Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My first try at a buttercup bag

I made this buttercup bag by Rae for the first time. The material is cute and i'm happy about the i selected for the lining.  The instructions are written up well.

Thoughts for changing this if i make it again. 

1) The straps need something - interfacing .. something.. 

2) I think I'd prefer detachable or attached differently straps .. longer .. thinner. 
3)  consider a zipper or doing the lining in two parts with the fashion fabric on both sides. 

4) i used a heavier lining fabric but the quilting weight exterior fabric needed some more body - interfacing there would likely have made a nice difference - or a home dec fabric vs a quilt weight fabric. 

Don't get me wrong i like the bag, i just would like to tweak it. Hey its a miracle i didn't tweak it already. 

I may leave it how it is or redo the straps.. not sure.

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