Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Declutter - Week 16 - the hall closet

I'm jumping in again. 

I tackled my hall closet this last week. It had become positively overflowing especially with shoes as well as coats and sweaters that had seen their best days. 

I went through my shoes and found 10 pairs that were able to be tossed! Yes 10 pairs. Wow. 5 of them were worn out and went into the garbage and the rest went into the goodwill pile. I still have way too many shoes but the ones I now have fit and are wearable and are indeed even something I am likely to wear. 

I also tackled the coats and sweaters hanging up and found a number that were able to be released. A couple are going to goodwill and the rest are ready for the trash heap. 

Here is the pile that has been released! 

Now to tackle the top shelf of the closet....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Declutter: Week 12

I missed week 11 - I've really been blocked with attacking my stuff. But I picked myself up this last week and tackled my underwear drawer. 

My first clue it needed to be tackled is that I had all my underwear in the laundry yet the drawer was full. What was that about? Well after some invesigation I found out. 

I had a collection of old bras. I don't wear them but I guess I was keeping them "just in case". Also there was some "D" grade underwear that needed to be tossed - you know it's ready for the garbage when it doesn't even make it into the laundry when you are putting off doing laundry...

Also I found a plethora of things that just didn't belong there .. receipts, a phone charger (I'm not even going to figure out how that got there), some craft supplies (no idea how they got filed under underwear - the mind truly is boggled), pens, and buttons. Those have all been rehomed into much more appropriate places. 

And the reward - a drawer that holds all my underwear and isn't stuffed to the brim with unwearable "stuff".

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Declutter Week 10: The great purse clean out

I was out the other day and noticed a couple of things.  Not only did my purse weigh a ton but there was no way I could find anything in it for the clutter in there! It was a total disaster.

So over the last couple of days I've tackled this, seemingly larger inside than outside, receptacle of all odds and ends.

Receipts went into the garbage (and why was I keeping a receipt from a dollar store purchase?), as did tissues, old envelopes with notes on them and directions to places I've been and either will not need to go to again or which I can find again without directions. 

I found sewing notions in there, about 5 pencils and 3 pens (yet had you asked me for either I would have had no clue they were there). They've all been relocated, other than one pen, to more appropriate homes. 

I also went through my wallet and cleaned out old receipts, expired promotional cards, and duplicate business cards. 

I can now actually find things in my purse and while it doesn't weigh nothing, its much lighter than it was!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Declutter - Week 9

This week I tacked a couple of shelves in the kitchen. I had gotten to the point I wasn't even really using the space as it was too full to function well at all. 

My first move was to rehome some some vintage canisters to above the cupboards where they can function as a nice display seeing I wasn't using them as I was afraid they might get damaged.
So now they are safely displayed and not taking up valuable easy-to-reach cupboard space. 

Next I went through the various goods that I had stocked there and disposed of some things that had expired in 2012 as well as a few things that just looked dubious and couldn't see myself ever using. 

Then to getting some easy to see through containers from my stash of tupperware (another thing I need to sort through) and putting goods from the bulk store into containers rather than have them in bags. 

And voila - a couple of shelves of kitchen cupboard that are once again accessible and where the contents are no longer going to hurtle down on anyone so foolish as to open the cupboard door.

Monday, February 24, 2014


A placemat made with a mini charm pack called Wrens and Friends. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The kitchen table: Declutter Post Week 8

I'm pretty embarrassed by the before picture. 

This corner of the kitchen had become the dumping ground for a number of things: boxes that needed to be taken to the garbage, a coffee maker that needed to be set up, a non working printer that need to be thrown out, various boxes of stuff that had no home and reusable grocery store bags.  Everything just seemed to end up there and the before picture definitely shows that. 

I'm much happier with the after picture. The coffee maker is set up. Trash has been taken to the garbage chute - three trips worth of it. A fresh table cloth (the old one will be washed and returned to the friend who lent it to me a few years back. Reusable grocery store  bags all gathered and ready to go down to the car where they will actually be available when I go shopping. A few things got moved to the table that I'll eventually look to re-home when I get to cleaning out other kitchen cupboards.

And look I even have a floor!!!!