Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Declutter - Week 16 - the hall closet

I'm jumping in again. 

I tackled my hall closet this last week. It had become positively overflowing especially with shoes as well as coats and sweaters that had seen their best days. 

I went through my shoes and found 10 pairs that were able to be tossed! Yes 10 pairs. Wow. 5 of them were worn out and went into the garbage and the rest went into the goodwill pile. I still have way too many shoes but the ones I now have fit and are wearable and are indeed even something I am likely to wear. 

I also tackled the coats and sweaters hanging up and found a number that were able to be released. A couple are going to goodwill and the rest are ready for the trash heap. 

Here is the pile that has been released! 

Now to tackle the top shelf of the closet....


  1. Good job, you managed to purge a lot of unwanted, unused items. I feel a sense of relief every time I'm able to get stuff out of my house. I'll be you do too.

  2. That sounds like the project I picked for week 17 but apparently I got distracted ..... and carried away!