Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Declutter: Week 12

I missed week 11 - I've really been blocked with attacking my stuff. But I picked myself up this last week and tackled my underwear drawer. 

My first clue it needed to be tackled is that I had all my underwear in the laundry yet the drawer was full. What was that about? Well after some invesigation I found out. 

I had a collection of old bras. I don't wear them but I guess I was keeping them "just in case". Also there was some "D" grade underwear that needed to be tossed - you know it's ready for the garbage when it doesn't even make it into the laundry when you are putting off doing laundry...

Also I found a plethora of things that just didn't belong there .. receipts, a phone charger (I'm not even going to figure out how that got there), some craft supplies (no idea how they got filed under underwear - the mind truly is boggled), pens, and buttons. Those have all been rehomed into much more appropriate places. 

And the reward - a drawer that holds all my underwear and isn't stuffed to the brim with unwearable "stuff".

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