Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Declutter Week 10: The great purse clean out

I was out the other day and noticed a couple of things.  Not only did my purse weigh a ton but there was no way I could find anything in it for the clutter in there! It was a total disaster.

So over the last couple of days I've tackled this, seemingly larger inside than outside, receptacle of all odds and ends.

Receipts went into the garbage (and why was I keeping a receipt from a dollar store purchase?), as did tissues, old envelopes with notes on them and directions to places I've been and either will not need to go to again or which I can find again without directions. 

I found sewing notions in there, about 5 pencils and 3 pens (yet had you asked me for either I would have had no clue they were there). They've all been relocated, other than one pen, to more appropriate homes. 

I also went through my wallet and cleaned out old receipts, expired promotional cards, and duplicate business cards. 

I can now actually find things in my purse and while it doesn't weigh nothing, its much lighter than it was!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I have no idea what all is in the bottomless pit that is my purse. I like big bags which, unfortunately, hold lots of stuff. Good job for getting yours sorted out. One more thing to add to my list.