Sunday, March 2, 2014

Declutter - Week 9

This week I tacked a couple of shelves in the kitchen. I had gotten to the point I wasn't even really using the space as it was too full to function well at all. 

My first move was to rehome some some vintage canisters to above the cupboards where they can function as a nice display seeing I wasn't using them as I was afraid they might get damaged.
So now they are safely displayed and not taking up valuable easy-to-reach cupboard space. 

Next I went through the various goods that I had stocked there and disposed of some things that had expired in 2012 as well as a few things that just looked dubious and couldn't see myself ever using. 

Then to getting some easy to see through containers from my stash of tupperware (another thing I need to sort through) and putting goods from the bulk store into containers rather than have them in bags. 

And voila - a couple of shelves of kitchen cupboard that are once again accessible and where the contents are no longer going to hurtle down on anyone so foolish as to open the cupboard door.


  1. Good job. That is something else that will need some attention in my house. The kitchen cupboards. You just reminded me of that. *smile*

  2. Good girl! I could do a kitchen cupboard every week for quite a while (I have LOTS of them) but that's stuff behind closed doors, so I'll leave it until I get all the little visible spots neated up. But thinking about it, I'm pretty sure I know which one I'd start with. Hmmmmm......maybe I should consider moving at least that one up the list......