Friday, October 21, 2011

my halloween purse

Yes, I really made myself a Halloween purse. So its silly for a grown woman to have a theme purse and so what I can only use it between Thanksgiving and Halloween.....

 My friend Bonnie who blogs at Jasper's Gems mentioned a blog she was reading that had a challenge going on to make a vintage halloween  piece of jewellery. Well making jewellery didn't appeal to me but I thought why not make a bag.... hence my having a Halloween purse

The bag is made of material that is from a jacket I wore when many sizes bigger - the very thought is haunting. The inside is a vintage sheet I thrifted and the other emblishments are some dyed delicate crochet work that reminds me of my Nan - though its not her crochet work ... i'd not cut that up.


  1. oh Stunning, Y!!!! i love it!!!!

  2. E - next to find a poppy themed t-cloth to make into something for remembrance day

  3. What a cute purse! Awesome you could use the jacket ... great reminder of how far you've come.

  4. that's so cute! i know my daughters would love one!