Friday, January 31, 2014

Declutter Week 5: Blogs

I really wasn't focused on doing much in terms of decluttering this week but I did manage to do some electronic decluttering and clean up my blog list.

I had eighty.. yes eighty blogs on it. Way too many to follow. On quite a few there was nothing new to follow as the bloggers were no longer updating their blogs.

So I got busy going through the blogs, deleting those that had lapsed through inactivity, removing the couple that were now private for subscribers only and a few that covered topics that I'm no longer overly interested in or that were focussed on hobbies I'm not currently doing. I don't need any new hobbies. I really don't need any new hobbies. 

I pared my list down from 80 to 27! 

Next task - to find a blog reader I like.

I was using Google Reader but that product/program has been discontinued. I'll add finding a new blog reader to my list of projects...

So not a lot of progress this week, but at least I accomplished something.


  1. I have been using Feedly since Google Reader was shut down. I really like it. You can group your blogs by topic...quilting, jewelry, health, crafts, etc.

  2. I think you accomplished a miracle. The only way I ever seem to trim down my blog list is to switch to another computer and lose the lot. Like, currently I have the members of this declutter gang, plus one other that I really love to read. Some of the others I had are now on Facebook anyway, so I follow the links from there when they post something new. I don't know about blog readers. I just subscribe by way of Atom, and read the feeds that that way. I'm likely missing something, but it works for me.